Saturday, April 5, 2008

Discussion for deploying ADF project in R12.

Hi all,
I recently had a interesting mail conversation with couple of senior guys of Oracle regarding Deployments of ADF project in R12.Here is the conversation:

Mukul---->Hi Steven, I have worked in both OAF , ADF Faces. I would like to know is it possible to deploy a standalone adf faces j2ee application in R12 OC4J server. If yes, can anybody on this blog provide a article/ metalink note regarding this! This is really important for R12 customers to know whether they can move their custom applications in ADF or not!

Steven Chan(Steven Chan, Sr. Director, Oracle Applications Technology Integration,Oracle)---->
Hi, Prabodh,
How are you making out with the whitepaper on this subject? Can you share any information with Mukul until its release?


Probodh(From Oracle)---->
Hi Mukul,
As far as I know, this has not been tried out internally yet, but there is nothing technically preventing you from achieving deploying an ADF app within an EBS OC4J server. I've also cc'ed Shay Shmeltzer who is the Product Manager for ADF, and who might have come across customers who have already done this.

Shay Shmeltzer(Group Manager,Oracle Development Tools) --->

I also don't know if this has been tested.

That said - as long as the OC4J that is included with EBS is the same version as the public external one and the ADF Libraries are the same this should work.

Hence, in a nut shell deploying ADF project in R12 OC4J server has not yet been tried even in internal Oracle..! Actually I was facing some problem in deployment... anyways.... if I will get time.. will try this again and will let all know a common solution.

Regarding deployment of any ADF project in any standard j2ee server its pretty straight forward will put the screenshots for this soon with description!


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Chola said...


Have a look at this link for a working solution.


patrick said...

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Sathish said...

Hi Mukul,

Wanted to know if in Oracle R12 the custom jsp pages that is built can be exposed to external world over internet. We have a requirement to build custom solution of creating web pages and provide access to 3PLs for shipment tracking. We are evaluating the option of having web portal and creating custom pages in the same and providing access to 3PLs and meanwhile we also got a hint that in Oracle R12 the custom jsps built can be accessed by external world. Would like to know more on the same.


Mukul said...

Satish, if you are thinking of building custom pages outside apps, you can build a custom application in Oracle ADF(Fusion ADF BC) which will hit Oracle Apps DB directly or via SOA based services based on security architecture.I have build couple of custom portals and integrated with EBS R12/11i based on different client requirements.

Also, if you are thinking of developing this custom portal in OAF/JTF/JTT in Oracle apps and expose them to outside world via custom security or guest read only type role, that is also very much feasible. For guest role based security in Apps refer to :

Mukul Gupta
+1 330-671-3212.

Gaurav Tomar said...

Hi Mukul,

Were you able to find help regarding deploying custom applications in R12's OC4J server?

I am also trying to achieve similar thing.


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