Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some facts About R12 OAF techstack

As Applications R12 is maturing and stabilising , we are seeing more and more R12 projects coming up. One prominent question I find very often on Oracle OAF forums as well as e mails, is there any change is relation of OA Framework components development and deployment in R12?? Here is list of some changes which you will come across while working on any R12 project:

1)Apache Jserv is upgraded to OC4J(Oracle Containers for Java) server in R12.

2)How to enable log in R12?Since there is no Jserv as in 11i, there is no more dependency on file for enabling of log.Here are the details how to enable log on R12:
In R12,
Goto $ORA_CONFIG_HOME/10.1.3/opmn/conf
take the backup of opmn.xml
edit opmn.xml for data id="java-options" and add the following:
-DAFLOG_FILENAME=/tmp/aflog.txt -Djbo.debugoutput=console

The log message should get written in,

3)How to add custom classpath in OC4J server classpath ?
Add an entry in,


< library path="..."/ >

prepending the existing library path.Modifying orion-application.xml works only if you manually go and modify it. But whenever we run autoconfig orion-application.xml is generated again and it does not have the custom jar files which we had specified.
In case you need to permanently add a custom classpath to the OC4J instances then you need to update the template file

There would be some set of entries with tags like
< library path="%s_oacore_prepend_classpath%" />
< library path="%s_javatop%" />
< library path="%s_af_jlib%/" />
< library path="%s_oacore_append_classpath%" />
< library path="%s_weboh_oh%/j2ee/forms/applications/forms/formsweb/WEB-INF/lib/frmsrv.jar" />
< library path="%s_tools_oh%/forms/java/frmxlate.jar" />
< library path="%s_weboh_oh%/j2ee/oafm/applications/mapviewer/web/WEB-INF/lib/mvclient.jar" />

you can add your custom path like this after all the existing library path entires

where /abc/xyz/classpath.jar is the path for your custom libraries

4)Autocompilation setting of jsp files in R12.
In file

afterwards please restart apache
now, whenever you change a character in your jsp, this will immediate reflect your output. In production environments this setting is not recommended.

4)Steps for Manual compilation of jsp in R12.
> cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin
> --compile -s hello.jsp

5) Why R12 uses two Oracle homes in ?
There is an interesting article on Steven Chan's blog on this which explains y Oracle introduced 10.1.3 and 10.1.2 both in R12 Application server archietecture:
Why Use Two ORACLE_HOMEs for Release 12's Application Tier?

6)DBC file location in R12:

7)Bouncing OC4J server, for OAF to pick latest class and xml files.
In R12, there are two scripts which need to run to bounce the HTTP server and make OC4J container pick latest class files instead of one as in 11i, we only need to run shell script to bounce Apache Jserv.

Since in R12 Jserv is replaces by OC4J container, we need to run two scripts:
1)Script which is responsible for bouncing Oracle HTTP Server (powered by Apache).(
2)Script which responsible for bouncing OC4J container (

So basically, here is the sequence of steps you need to do :
1) stop
2) stop
3) start
4) start
All these scripts are in $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME

Monday, May 12, 2008

E-Business Suite Application Development Using Oracle Application Framework (OAF) and Application Development Framework (ADF

Latest Update of the much discussed topic on Oracle OA Technology Forum ... which techstack to use OAF or ADF till the time Oracle comes up with Fusion Release, is that Oracle has now released official guidelines for using which framework OAF/ADF while building your custom web application.This white paper is there on the metalink:
E-Business Suite Application Development Using Oracle Application Framework (OAF) and Application Development Framework (ADF) (Metalink Note 563047.1)