Friday, August 31, 2007

More updates on Javascript usage

Common errors in Pop up pages and their resolution:
One thing i missed out in previous post is the profile options related to pop up page .Sometimes while trying to run a pop up page you get errors like:
"You are trying to access a page which is no longer active....."

The root cause of this error are the profile options:
3)Framework Validation Level- None
They should be none in order to avoid the error.The root cause of the error is MAC key url validation, which is governed by the above 3 profiles.

Also, if you are getting error in doing a page submit on pop up page confirm:
FND: Framework Compatibility Mode profile option should have value greater than or equal to "11.5.10".

Will be back with a artcle on databound values in the next post.


Murali said...


Mukul said...

Thanks dude..!!

PrasadCP said...

I am new to OAF , apprceiate your initiate to help others in OAF .
Waiting for your article on Data bound values as i am not clear with this concept

RAM Y said...

Hi Mukul,

I'm new to OAF and iSourcing/iprocurement.

Iam facing an issue while trying to save a quotation iam getting an error
you are trying to access a page that is no longer active

could you help me out on this


Ravi Eeraveni said...

Hi Mukul,
I am new to OAF and trying to create dependent lov on message choice lov, but it's not working.
Can you please give me some guidance.


ranjit said...

Hi Mukul,

I have some issue with OAF page customised page from 11i to R12.
We have several custom OAF forms that are giving the following error, seemingly when clicking into a second LOV or a submit button, etc. All are doing this

"You are trying to access this page is no longer available.The referring page may have come from previous session.Please select close window to proceed."

Please help me how to resolve this issue.


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